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स्पंज बॉल्सस्पंज बॉल्स
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स्पंज बॉल्स स्पंज बॉल्स स्पंज बॉल्स स्पंज बॉल्स स्पंज बॉल्स

स्पंज बॉल्स

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  • Model: G0812
  • Volumetric: 15 ग्राम
  • 23545 in Stock
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The magician takes an ordinary sponge ball and begins to roll it in his hand, slowly the sponge ball seems to grow bigger until it actually splits into two balls. One ball is placed into the right hand and the other ball in the left. With a little magic pass one sponge ball teleports into the other hand, which is now holding two sponge balls!

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