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Flotan kat (bisiklèt)Flotan kat (bisiklèt)
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Flotan kat (bisiklèt) Flotan kat (bisiklèt) Flotan kat (bisiklèt) Flotan kat (bisiklèt) Flotan kat (bisiklèt) Flotan kat (bisiklèt)

Flotan kat (bisiklèt)

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  • Model: G0341
  • Volumétrique: 10 Grammes
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When Dan Harland showed us Hover Card at the IBM Convention, our eyes nearly popped out! Have a card selected from an ordinary deck. Place the selected card face-up on top of the deck. Now, while you are holding the deck with the selected card facing the audience, the card begins to float gently off of the deck !!

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