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Nan gode lafimen (n)Nan gode lafimen (n)
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Nan gode lafimen (n)

Lis Prix: $55.00
Sale: $31.35

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  • Model: G0693
  • Volumetric: 380 Grams
  • 0 nan aksyon
  • Frais: Calculé nan la

Vann tèt yo
The magician displays a wine glass. He covers it with a handkerchief. 
Pretending to grab smoke in the air, the performer makes tossing motions at the covered glass. When the glass is uncovered, it is shown full of smoke.
This version of a classic, is unlike those we've seen in years past.
The glass can be on the table before and after you start without suspicious moves or handling.
Completely safe, and the thick white smoke does not leave any residue or toxic fumes/smells.

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