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CD fuiteCD fuite
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CD fuite CD fuite CD fuite CD fuite CD fuite CD fuite CD fuite

CD fuite

Lis Prix: $15.00
Sale: $7.20
Ba ke: $5.55

Pwen yo sa yo merite14

Les Quantité Hors Prix
  • Model: G0103
  • Volumétrique: 96 gram yo
  • 862 nan machandiz
  • Frais: Calculé nan la

Mete nan panyen:

CD disappears (CD disappeared): plastic, can close the stage and performing.

Magic Effects
A general audience checked the disc and then put the bag in the rack box, the magician instantly breathe out CD box from the aircraft disappeared in the air, strange! Disc in the end ran it go? Oh! Back to the original CD and a bag! Very magical effect, performing simple and does not require any means!

2, so a CD disappears, and then make it appear in any place. magicians come up with a very small, can only accommodate a

CD fuite

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