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Mágia, Jóslás WatchMágia, Jóslás Watch
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Mágia, Jóslás Watch Mágia, Jóslás Watch Mágia, Jóslás Watch Mágia, Jóslás Watch

Mágia, Jóslás Watch

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  • Model: G0084
  • Volumetric: 112 Grams
  • -981 in Stock
  • Hajózás: Kiszámítani a pénztár

Boxed The magician has a card selected and noted by a spectator. He then shuffles it back into the pack and proposes to perform the world's fastest card trick, handing the spectator his watch for time keeping purposes. After several attempts, he is unable to locate the selection. Asking the spectator how long the trick has taken up to this point, the spectator glances at the watch. Suddenly, the spectator's selected card appears on the face of the watch! Just as suddenly, it vanishes. Watches are made in a stylish silver finish and keep perfect time. The trick is very easy to do.

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