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Tas Blendo cahaya (biru)Tas Blendo cahaya (biru)
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Tas Blendo cahaya (biru) Tas Blendo cahaya (biru) Tas Blendo cahaya (biru) Tas Blendo cahaya (biru) Tas Blendo cahaya (biru)

Tas Blendo cahaya (biru)

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  • Model: G0113
  • Volumetric: 400 Grams
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You start by using your favorite method to produce dozens of little lights, which you place, one by one, into a black cloth bag. Magically, the bag is transformed into a large, blue silk, which is spotted with Many intense blue -colored diodes. This is a really unique twist on the blendo bag concept. Easy to find and operate switch works every time. State of the art, dramatic way to really WOW your audience.

Cloths measures approximately 28-inches square.

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