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Dzīvnieku kartesDzīvnieku kartes
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Dzīvnieku kartes Dzīvnieku kartes Dzīvnieku kartes Dzīvnieku kartes Dzīvnieku kartes Dzīvnieku kartes

Dzīvnieku kartes

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1) card magic 
2) card trick 
3) animal trick 
4) with English instruction  Biological Telepathy is a special magic about supernatural being,besides the effect due to the magic of supernatural being,it is added the effect of practical joke to make your magic performance impressed to the audience deeply.The actor takes out an envelope and denotes that there is a magical predict in the envelope.The magician takes out six Porker Cards from his pocket which printed a spider,a bee,a rattle snake,a toad,a bat and a scorpion,and ask an audience to lot any of the figures of 1 to 6;after selection,the magician find out the figuring represented by the figure which selected by the audience (take the rattle snake as the example).Afterwards the actor hand the envelope to the audience and tell them “this is a predict made by me ahead,do you believe that my predict is accordance with the figuring selected by you?”At last,actor asks the audience to announce the answer to the riddle. At the time the audience opens the envelop,it sends out the sound of a rattle snake from the envelop!

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