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Ontslagen Cane brand Torch (zwart)Ontslagen Cane brand Torch (zwart)
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Ontslagen Cane brand Torch (zwart) Ontslagen Cane brand Torch (zwart) Ontslagen Cane brand Torch (zwart)

Ontslagen Cane brand Torch (zwart)

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Sale: $10.56
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  • Model: G0558
  • Volumetrische: 300 gram
  • 138 in Stock
  • Verzending: Berekend bij de kassa

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the blink of an eye, a gleaming full-size cane appears magically in the performer hand. A silk or torch instantly changes into a cane. This is a top quality appearing cane crafted in silver looking polished metal. A professional magic prop, precision made to hold up through years of stage performances. Fire Torch: Make a grand entrance by walking out holding a lit torch and instantly changing it into a cane! This big high quality torch provides lots of fire.

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