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Bloem vliegen kleurrijkeBloem vliegen kleurrijke
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Bloem vliegen kleurrijke Bloem vliegen kleurrijke Bloem vliegen kleurrijke

Bloem vliegen kleurrijke

Prijs: $25,00
Sale: $14.00
As low as: $12.50


Hoeveelheid kortingen op prijs
  • Model: G1145
  • Volumetric: 125 Grams
  • 100 in voorraad
  • Verzending: Berekend bij de kassa

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Instant bouquet of colorful flowers - absolutely no skill needed! Colorful mylar spring flowers! These fold flat, and spring into a large bouquet when released. Of course, they can be used again and again. The effect is that they appear from nowhere, apparently from an object that is smaller than the bouquet. For example, these can be hidden in a production box, a book, up your sleeve, etc.

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