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Jerry's Nugget (blauw)Jerry's Nugget (blauw)
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Jerry's Nugget (blauw) Jerry's Nugget (blauw) Jerry's Nugget (blauw) Jerry's Nugget (blauw)

Jerry's Nugget (blauw)

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  • Model: G1010
  • Volumetrische: 115 gram
  • 0 in voorraad
  • Verzending: Berekend bij de kassa

Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards were well on their way to infamy, a fairy tale for a playing card that started it's days in a storage repository. Things could only get better. Then, in 2008, a flood of counterfeits poured onto the market that just added fuel and intrigue to the tale. So many people got sucked in, it was a sad sorry tale of YOUTUBE video after video of fellow card enthusiasts lamenting they'd been had. The imitations apparently look convincing from the outside, but once you open the box you will discover that you don’t have playing cards at all, but rather flimsy cardboard imitations. It’s not even card stock. Jerry's Nugget (Blue)

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