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Lapte apar la CupaLapte apar la Cupa
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Lapte apar la Cupa Lapte apar la Cupa Lapte apar la Cupa

Lapte apar la Cupa

Lista Pret: $26.00
Sale: $14.56
As low as: $12.22

Recompensă de puncte29

Reduceri de cantitate, preţul
  • Model: G1199
  • Volumetric: 880 Grams
  • 81 in stoc
  • Transport: Calculat la casă

Adaugă la coş:

Magician takes out two empty cups. Put the cups together mouth to mouth and shake them, a full cup of milk is produced. Place a magic wand into the milk and give it a stir. The cup hangs from the wand after you release it. For the final the wand sticks to your hand when you let go and the cup still suspends from the wand.

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