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Super papir CupSuper papir Cup
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Super papir Cup Super papir Cup Super papir Cup Super papir Cup Super papir Cup

Super papir Cup

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Finally an ideal trick for the environmentally-friendly generation!
Instantly recycle a paper cup in full view...

There will be unlimited possibilities for use "Super Paper Cup". You can make wide-range of magic from serious magic, close-up illusion, comedy, even ECO-MAGIC!

Magician introduces two cups, one cup is called "Magician", the other cup is called "Assistant". 
"Magician Cup" is now placed into the paper bag, and "Assistant Magician" is now crushed. The bag is closed, so it is impossible to change the places.
However, the cups are "magician & the assistant", so they quickly change the places like a famous stage-sized Illusion!

Magician shows a piece of paper, then he crumples the paper and tears it off in half.
Now, the crumpled paper instantly and visually changes into a paper cup!

(In addition to the 2 basic routines....)
Of course, you can use "Super Paper Cup" as vanishing & appearing item. Possibilities are magically unlimited.

・All handmade by skillful craftman.
・Made of the finest material in the market.
・Comes with "Super Paper Cup", paper cups, a paper bag, and instructional DVD.

Shipping the product has a dimensional weight: 0.29kg
The product actual weight: 0.13kg

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