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Dubbel magi ändra väskaDubbel magi ändra väska
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Dubbel magi ändra väska Dubbel magi ändra väska Dubbel magi ändra väska Dubbel magi ändra väska

Dubbel magi ändra väska

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  • Model: G0687
  • Volymetrisk: 310 gram
  • 693 in Stock
  • Frakt: Beräknas i kassan

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The Change Bag is a classic utility prop for making items disappear- or appear! 
 The effect: place an item in the bag. Instantly turn the bag inside out to show that the item has vanished! The item can also be made to reappear if desired. And you can use your Change Bag to exchange one item for another. Show the bag empty, put a blue silk into it. Reach in- the blue silk has now become a red one! 

This bag has a zipper at the bottom so you can push your hand right through to show the bag "empty", or you can just use it as an ordinary change bag by turning it inside out. This change bag is the perfect way to produce or vanish silks! 

Size: diameter 15cm inner diameter of 12cm bags deep 26cm

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