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Таємничий BoxТаємничий Box
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Таємничий Box

Прайс-лист: $28.00
Sale: $12.60

Нарахування балів25

  • Model: G1496
  • Volumetric: 1000 Grams
  • 54 на складі
  • Судноплавство: Розраховані на касі

Покласти в корзину:

Box was hollow cube shape , abdominal plain cups to put down a large space , unique cube like , three-dimensional full , dark green in color to the box , color dark elegant , box perimeter marked with arrows and rotate instructions clearly marked .
Very suitable for summer performances of magic, leisure time people drink cold drinks , if will be equipped with water, soft drinks or beer mug into the box , gently turn the box , open the lid, glass suddenly disappear ! Then turn the box , open the lid , cups and miraculously appeared , talk to people like hide and seek , with lovely style in front of the public, to make more of a cool summer `s funny, even more amazing is that the box can be let you turn left , turn right, turn on the next turn , rotate 180 degrees .270 substantial degree , cups still safe and sound . People`s thinking also will jump , there has been an imaginative and speculation , cups gone? Why water does not overflow ? Want to know the poly magic and humor as one of the mysterious box of secret? It now hurry up , let mediated a mysterious box in your hands to play a strong role , playing a different but with the same magic cube square world! Whether you are playing yourself , or gifts , are a great choice , there is no need for hesitation !

Size : about 12cm width 12cm height of about 12cm

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Appearing Cane Metal
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