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Xuất hiện bóng hoa (nhỏ)

Danh sách giá: $12,00
Bán: $4.92

Điểm thưởng10

  • Model: G0435
  • Volumetric: 58 Grams
  • 0 vào cổ phiếu
  • Vận chuyển: Tính lúc thanh toán

Bán ra
Colorful mylar spring flowers. These fold flat,and spring into a large bouquet when released. (They can be used again and again). The effect is that they appear from nowhere,apparently from an object that is smaller than the bouquet. Can be hidden in a production box,a book,etc.
Each blossom is constructed on a spring,so it pops open automatically when it is released. When fully expanded,the bouquet is about 6" in diameter,and very colorful! These flowers can be folded back up,and used over and over! 
Mylar will look great and last for many repeated uses. 
You'll get a set of mylar Spring Flowers .  

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