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Nổi bóng mảnh (12 cm nhỏ)Nổi bóng mảnh (12 cm nhỏ)
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Nổi bóng mảnh (12 cm nhỏ) Nổi bóng mảnh (12 cm nhỏ) Nổi bóng mảnh (12 cm nhỏ) Nổi bóng mảnh (12 cm nhỏ) Nổi bóng mảnh (12 cm nhỏ)

Nổi bóng mảnh (12 cm nhỏ)

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Sale: $4.50
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  • Model: G0136
  • Volumetric: 800 Grams
  • 200 in Stock
  • Vận chuyển: Tính lúc thanh toán

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Light volley ball (floating ball): The classic stage magic floating ball Sliver Small.

The Floating Ball Sliver rests on a pedestal on your table, cover it with a cloth and it begins to rise under the cloth. It rises above your head, moves back and forth and then rises up to the top of the scarf and comes to rest on the edge.  You can turn completely around showing the back of the scarf. The ball appears and vanishes behind the scarf, moves around your back, around your neck.

These are just a few of the many moves that can be performed with polished  ball.

Includes everything you need shiny Floating ball, gimmick, and it even includes the foulard (scarf).

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